New Zoning Will Allow for Taller Buildings Along Transit Routes

Last week, commissioners approved new zoning rules that will impact construction along transit routes in Miami-Dade.

The new rules will allow developers currently authorized to build three-storing buildings to go as high as six stories, and are generally focused on areas within a half mile of certain stretches of the Metrorail corridor: a 25-mile stretch of the Metrorail system outside the city limits, plus 55 miles of corridors designated for future transit. Areas within city limits will still fall under municipal zoning limits.

The looser rules are intended to boost growth within these areas and place new residences closer to mass transit. According to the Miami Herald, much of the designated area falls under the SMART Plan, which advances rapid transport in the region. The vote was almost unanimously approved.

South Florida is currently experiencing a development boom, and these new rules are an excellent indication of the future viability of these areas. ComReal has offices in Coral Gables, Doral and Fort Lauderdale, and we would love to assist you with any of your commercial real estate needs. Connect with one of our advisors today.